Montalcino Sketches

Here are a few of the sketches from our trip to Castiglione del Bosco.

View from La Befa. 25 x 35 cm, oil on panel.

Graveyard at La Pieve. 25 x 35 cm, oil on panel.

Cypresses at Quinciano. 15 x 30 cm, oil on panel.

Two views of La Piana. 30 x 20 cm, and 35 x 25 cm, oil on panel.

La Badia Ardenga and Montalcino. 20 x 30 cm, oil on panel.

View from La Piana. 20 x 30 cm, oil on panel.

Montalcino from Bibbiano. 25 x 35 cm, oil on panel.

Construction at Bibbiano. 20 x 30 cm, oil on panel.

Bibbiano Scalo. 25 x 35 cm, oil on panel.

There are also a couple of larger plein air pieces which I’ll post when I’ve finished them.


  1. Hi Marc!
    I googled blogs about Italy and found your blog. Really beautiful paintings,all the colours and landscapes. I study art history for the first year and love Italy. I’m thinking to start study italian next fall. Maybe I travel to Italy some day, I hope. Until then, I enjoy your paintings.

    Have a nice summer!

    – Henna from Finland –

  2. Marc,

    I just came by to take a second look at this year’s group of Montalcino paintings.
    Stunning, as always, but this group is exceptional for the way they leap off my screen and draw me in.

    I am particularly taken with the difference between the paintings of Scalo Bibbiano, this year and last. I know it rained last year and you said the weather was perfect this year; but side by side they illustrate your ability to communicate content that goes far beyond time and place.

    My second look at “Graveyard” knocked me out when the scale of the painting hit me. I see an entire world there on a tiny panel. The precision of the brush work is astonishing and inspiring.

    A bountiful crop this year … Bravo!

  3. I really love your work, Mark. You make it look so easy. I can’t put my finger on what about it feels so utterly sublime to me, and that’s probably a good thing. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

  4. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I’m normally very unimpressed with landscape paintings, but yours carry so much energy and vibrance.

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