Carteret County, North Carolina

Miss Gina. 14 x 11 in, oil on panel.

These are some of the sketches from my week in North Carolina. One of the more picturesque spots I’ve been to recently and some of the nicest people on the planet. I had great weather and was very fortunate to have an excellent guide of the area with the local talent, Jimmy Craig Womble. We also had two great plein air painters from Tennessee Kevin Menck (who has one of the more entertaining blogs out there) and Jason Saunders paint with us for the first few days.

Atlantic, NC. 8 x 12 in, oil on panel.

Beaufort Sunset. 8 x 12 in, oil on panel.

Elise 9. 6 x 8 in, oil on panel.

Red Neck Yacht Club (I'm not being derogatory, that's the name of the boat). 6 x 8 in, oil on panel.

We were talking one evening about great places to paint, and I mentioned that in Morocco the locals will bring you mint tea whenever they see you painting. At the above spot in Atlantic, the locals gave Kevin Menck a bushel of oysters when they saw him painting their boats.

Boat Lifts, Marshallberg. 6 x 8 in, oil on panel.

Shrimper, Radio Island. 11 x 14 in, oil on panel.

I was hosted wonderfully by Lee Dellinger and her husband Charles Jones and the paintings will be on exhibit (as soon as I can get frames sent over) in their galleries, Carteret Contemporary Art and Vision Gallery.

Joey's Boats. 8 x 12 in, oil on panel.

The World Traveler. 8 x 12 in, oil on panel.

The Two Galleries also have a blog with some action shots of the plein air group.

(Update: I was listening to OCMS while painting for much of the trip, so I thought I’d throw in a plug for them).


  1. Hi Marc.
    As always, you’ve captured a wonderful sense of the light, and it sounds like you had a good time doing it.
    Best wishes,

  2. Hello Marc,

    i can only agree Tom Wharton, these paintings are very good. Its about time that the summer starts here in germany, but for now its too cold here.
    oh and im going to make a trip of 4 weeks to italy (florence also) to do landscape painting. can you give me some good spots where to paint?

    keep it coming.

    greetings from germany,

    Raphael Mayer

    • Hello Raphael, thank you for the compliment. As to places to paint in Tuscany, I would avoid the Chianti region and head further south to the Sienese or West to Maremma. Umbria has a lot as well and is cheaper. Venice (!), Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast. It’s all good.

  3. I think these paintings are fabulous! I love the colors and the subject matter; also makes the area look very compelling for a visit!

  4. Marc,

    Great to meet you down at the point of Marshallberg. Loved seeing the painting in progress (Boat lifts) and the final post. I have enjoyed your site and plan to follow your work in the future. You are always welcome to come back any time. Also thanks for the informal sight size lesson!

    Good luck,

    Kenneth Humphries

  5. I pour over your work! I can tell that you choose what to , and what not to add to your paintings.
    These are all so wonderful. It’s an inspiration to painters like me. I will not throw out my brushes
    or materials today! (ha)
    Thanks for posting! Very enjoyable!

  6. Wow, North Carolina suits you. These are some of my favorites from your body of work I’ve seen thus far. I second the comments above – excellent sense of light.

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